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                In many respects,Katsura Okiyama is a typical Japanese woman in her 20s.She enjoys spend-ing time with her friends and loves Disney.But,less typically,she is a writer.And,quite excep-tionally,her medium is a cell phone.
                In Japan,not only are people reading novels on their cell phones;they're also writing novels with them--uploading SMS-length chapters to specialist websites where they are in turn downloaded to the phones of millions of readers.The most popular are printed as books and sell in the hundreds of thousands.In book form,K,Okiyama's first cell-phone novel,is 235 pages long."I think I was writing 20 pages in two hours per day at the most,and it took me almost a month,"she says.
                Although she was used to writing around 100 text messages daily,Okiyama never expected that thumbing her keypad would enable her to become one of the country's hot new writers."I had never written a story,"she says."I never had the idea of how a real novel should be,so that might be why I could do it."
                "Cell-phone novels are created and consumed by a generation of young people in Japan that demands to be heard,"says John Possman,an entertainment consultant."It is truly pop culture.It has also become big business,shaking up a publishing industry whose sales have been declining for a decade."
                Individual voices are hard to find,however.As dictated by the medium,the language of cell-phone novels is simple and peppered with emoticons--signs that represent various attitudes or emo-tions.Dialogue and description are scarce.Subject matter is always the same.Typically,a heroine loses her first love and then later struggles to find love again.
                "The stories are often told in the first person and lack diversity,"agrees Possman.But that hasn't been a problem with consumers yet."Why don't you write a novel and move me?"read one angry schoolgirl's recent online post,in response to a fierce opponent of cell-phone novels.So far,Japan's literary establishment hasn't come up with an answer.
                1、In Japan,cell-phone writers
                A.upload their stories bit by bit to websites
                B.pay to have their novels printed as books
                C.spend almost one month to finish a novel
                D.send SMS-length texts to readers'phones
                參考解析:細節題。題干意為“在日本,手機小說作家?”文章第二段“…uploading SMS-length chapters to specialist…”介紹了日本讀者通過短信的形式把手機小說上傳到專門的網站上,然后被網友下載,因此是一點點的把故事上傳到網上。故選A。
                2、According to Katsura Okiyama,she is able to write because
                A.she has an insight into literature
                B.she has training in storytelling
                C.she is skilled in text messaging
                D.she is free from literary rules
                參考解析:細節題。題干意為“Katsura Okiyama認為她能夠寫小說主要是因為?”根據文章第三段最后一句話“I never had the idea of how a real novel should be,so that might be why I could do it.”可知,她認為自己成功的出版小說的原因,恰恰是她自己從未想過真正小說的樣子,即她沒有受到傳統文學的影響。故選D。
                3、According to John Possman,the Japanese publishing industry
                A.is pushed forward by the pop culture
                B.is strengthened by cell-phone novels
                C.has been shrinking for many years
                D.has been creating a generation of young readers
                參考解析:推斷題。題干意為“根據John Possman可知,日本出版社?”由文章第四段“…shaking up a publishing industry whose sales have been declining for a decade.”可知出版業的銷量在不斷地減少,故選c。
                4、It can be inferred that Japan's literary establishment can't
                A.settle the dispute between the two sides
                B.compete with cell-phone novels
                C.adapt to the new technologies
                D.change their writing styles
                參考解析:推理題。題干意為“從文中可推斷日本的文學界不能。”文章最后一段中,有女學生在網上提出來“why don’t you write a novel and move me?”你為什么不寫本感動我的小說?文學界沒有給出回應,沒有解決他們與手機小說讀者直接的爭端,故選A。
                5、We learn from the text that cell-phone novels"
                A.feature moving dialogues
                B.have different writing styles
                C.lack variety in subject matter
                D.encourage readers to read others



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